Ron Centenario El Ron De Costa Rica 12 Secrets

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Manufacturer's Notes: Costa Rica is considered a bridge for the American cultures. A narrow range of land surrounded by oceans; a land that has unique weather conditions, biodiversity and scenic beauty. We invite you to learn one of Costa Rica's well-kept secrets: the preparation of rum. Rum is the most traditional liquor in Central America and the Caribbean. Its unique flavor has been measured by color, depth and capacity to combine to make this the king of all beverages. Ron Centenario is in Costa Rica. Ron Centenario is an exquisite sugar cane. Ron Centenario begins with careful selection of the sugar cane. A strong stem filled with a juicy tissue where the sugar is extracted. Costa Rica's tropical climate, favored by the volcanic soil and natural riches, are ideal conditions for harvesting this plant. Every 15 months the harvest coincidentally takes place during the summer. The stem is removed by hand and carried to the trapiche in order to extract the juicy nectar and benefit from its sweet products. The juice is submitted to a fermentation process where it transforms the sugar into alcohol and other products. Once the fermentation procedure is completed, the premium material of the finest rum in costa rica is now ready to be purified by a distillation process and all the different products obtained.Ron Centenario exquisite aroma, unique flavor and the characteristics of the finest rum in Costa Rica. Ron Centenario conserves its premium quality and uncomparable flavor by completing a very special blending process, which is the very second of Ron Centenario recipe, before the rum is bottled and distributed.